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Theresa Fearon - Empower You

Pentax House

South Hill Avenue

South Harrow


Email : [email protected]

Skype:[email protected]

020 8938 4708 / 07957 289555

If you are struggling with any of the following areas of your life:

Relationships (Intimate/Family/Business)

Managing your Anger

Controlling your Depression/Low Moods/Anxiety

Improving your Financial Health


Addictions/Addictive Behaviour


Then being on this page is no accident.

My name is Theresa Fearon and I’m a Spiritual Life & Relationship Coach based in Harrow, Middlesex . I am also a Certified Relationship Counsellor, Depression, Anger and Anxiety Management Counsellor and a Reiki Master.   My practice has been based in Pentax House, South Harrow since 2012.

The success of my practice is based on the fact that I believe change and transformation can and does happen.  I have seen evidence of this.  I have worked with couples who were separated, only to renew their vows weeks later, I have seen individuals  with addictions/anxieties/anger heal from unresolved trauma and go on to marry and raise families., or achieve the career and financial goals they thought they couldn't.   And I take no credit from this, if it can happen to them, it can happen for anyone.   My role is simply to help you get there.

And, of course,  to be a supportive Accountability Partner.  That's where the transformation happens!

 Five Proven Benefits of Life Coaching

  1. A deeper understanding of yourself, leading to better relationships. Life Coaching encourages personal development. It can help you find a deeper purpose and meaning to your life which, in turn, is reflected in your relationships. Knowing who you are, your values and boundaries helps you let go of anger, regret, guilt, shame. We work on embracing who you are and not who others in your life want and expect you to be.
  2. An increase in confidence and self-esteem.  Confidence is about "doing" and self-esteem is about "being".  Life Coaching enables you to set achievable outcomes, which you will attain by taking small actions every day towards your goals.  In turn, you will build confidence and a positive feeling of self,
  3. Life Coaching enables you to let go of blame and take ownership of your life.   Taking personal responsibility gives you control over your life and allows you to feel empowered.
  4. Life Coaching provides a safe and confidential space for you to explore what has previously held you back, caused you to feel unempowered.  There is no judgement, no guilt or shame - the main focus is on you achieving your goals and living the life you want to live.
  5. Life Coaching improves communication and relationships. A by-product of renewed confidence and self-esteem is that you feel happier within yourself.  This reflects in the way you relate and communicate with others.  Life appears more balanced and less stressful.

If you are frustrated with your current situation and need help, please call me on 0208 938 4708 or 07957 289555 for an initial no obligation conversation.

To find out more about me, how I work, and the training I’ve undertaken check out my Get to Know Me page.