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My name is Theresa Fearon and I’m a Transformational Life Coach based in Harrow, Middlesex, specialising in relationship rescue and anger management.

I work with both couples and individuals and help my clients turn their lives around to find happiness, intimacy and empowerment. I’ve been successfully helping my clients with relationship breakdown and anger management issues for over seven years.

If you are frustrated with your current situation and need relationship resolution or anger management help, please call me on 0208 938 4708 or 07957 289555 for an initial no obligation conversation.

Relationship Coaching 

You may feel your relationship is in trouble if:

  • You argue a lot
  • You’ve stopped talking to each other
  • There is little or no real intimacy left
  • You’re unhappy with your sex life
  • You’re walking on eggshells afraid of conflict and temper flare ups
  • You feel neglected by your partner
  • You feel stifled by your partner
  • Or any other feelings of dissatisfaction.

Talking through these problems with a non-judgemental therapist can help you resolve the issues before the relationship is destroyed. At the same time you will discover tools and techniques to facilitate togetherness.

Taking action quickly to help resolve and repair your relationship will enable you both to move forwards in a more positive way.

Find out more about my Relationship Rescue programme, guaranteed to repair your relationship when you are both committed to saving it.

Anger Management

Anger does have a place in all of our lives but uncontrollable rage can cause immense harm to yourself and others.

If you feel your anger is out of control or you bottle up your emotions until they suddenly spill out in violence then you will want to break that cycle as soon as possible.

I can help you identify the root causes of your anger and enable you to deal with them to successfully manage your emotions and responses going forwards. I provide anger management solutions and conflict resolution strategies so you can take control of your anger and your life.

A Safe Space to Talk

It can be difficult to discuss relationship issues and anger management concerns with family and friends. They usually want to do as much as they can to help and support you, but they may not be qualified or able to do so.

Taking some time to speak to an independent person, with no emotional connection to you or your family and friends, enables an open and honest conversation without judgement. Being in a ‘neutral’ and safe location, away from your life gives you the chance to step back from the situation and talk calmly about it.

You will be asked some potentially challenging questions, simply to understand what is at the heart of your situation. 

Your answers will determine the path we take to resolve the problems together so you can move forward more positively with your life.

To find out more about me, how I work, and the training I’ve undertaken check out my Get to Know Me page.

Call me today on 0208 938 4708 or 07957 289555 for an initial no obligation conversation.

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