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Healthy Relationship IQ Test

Are you ready for a healthy, loving relationship?  

Whether you are in a relationship that is less than healthy, or looking to go deeper with someone special, there are certain areas that need to be addressed within a relationship to ensure that healthy boundaries are maintained.


The right relationship can make life more interesting and meaningful. The wrong relationship can drain you emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and financially.  That's a hell of a price to pay!  

Below are 10 statements that provide a quick relationship health check.   Answer true or false as YOU see, there is no right or wrong - just honesty.

  • 1. It is normal for people in committed relationships to have their own interests. True / False
  • 2. Positive interactions are the key to successful relationships. True / False
  • 3. It is good to spend some time with friends and maintain healthy social connections when in a committed relationship. True / False
  • 4. It is important to repair any damage to your relationship as soon as possible. True / False
  • 5. Men and women have different ways of getting their emotional needs met. True / False
  • 6. Good communication prevents many misunderstandings and arguments. True / False
  • 7. It is okay to say ‘no’ to requests for sex with your partner. True / False
  • 8. People can only be emotionally intimate when they feel safe physically and emotionally, and secure in the commitment of their relationship. True / False
  • 9. Money is what most couples argue about most frequently. True / False
  • 10. Arguing is healthy if done properly. True / False 

If you require clarification on how to interpret your responses, fill in the contact me form below, with your results. 

There is no charge for this.

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Is your relationship healthy?  

Is there room for a little improvement - or a lot?

What do you need to start working on immediately?