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Manage Your Anger Coaching Programme

Is your anger making your life a misery?

Is your anger causing a problem in your personal or business relationships?

Do you suffer from road rage?

We all get angry at times, but uncontrolled rage can really derail your life, causing immense harm to yourself and others.

If you’re ready to address your anger problem then you are in the right place.

Anger is a sign that something needs to change and the Manage Your Anger Coaching Programme has been designed to identify the root causes of your anger and help you to manage and control your responses to those stressors.

Anger is usually a sign that your values or boundaries are being compromised. Often we don't even realise what our boundaries are or where they are being compromised. By re-focusing on your values and reinforcing your personal boundaries, you will make important and highly effective progress in managing your anger.

What does the Manage Your Anger Programme involve?

My Manage Your Anger Coaching Programme will clarify where your values and boundaries are, so we can identify where, in your life, you feel they are being compromised, causing you to get angry.

We will look at other triggers too, and you will learn how to avoid being stressed by them, and how to respond in ways which are more effective and beneficial to you. I will teach you the art of conflict resolution.

As well as managing your anger, this programme helps you to heal, from the inside out. There may be a history, or unresolved issues you are not ready to handle yet. And that's ok. Healing starts with yourself and you will learn ways to relax and heal.

From the very first session the anger resolution skills you learn will begin to lift the grip anger has on your life. Subsequent sessions will build on your learning, so that you are no longer controlled by your anger.

The Manage Your Anger Programme is a six-week programme that starts with your detailed personal history. Why are you so angry? What triggers your outbursts? How has your anger impacted your life so far?

You will leave the first session with a better understanding of your anger and two CBT-based strategies that you can start using right away to make positive changes in your life.

By Week 6, you will be ready to set some future goals. You may not be able to imagine what that will feel like right now but by session 6 you will no longer be weighed down by anger, and you’ll be able to choose other ways to respond to testing situations. 

Take a deep breath and imagine what it would feel like to be free from the chains of anger.

Six weeks from today that could be a reality.

How it Works

I work with you in a non-judgemental, confidential and empathetic environment to identify your values, wants and needs. Then together, we look at how these can be met. During this process, you will learn more about yourself and what is right for you. These learnings can sometimes be profound.

I can’t make you change, only you can do that so this programme will take some commitment from you. Please note there are a few restrictions and obligations:

1. The exercises given weekly must be done and returned at least 24 hours prior to the next session.

2. Sessions are booked in advance and a minimum of 24 hours must be given for cancellations.

3. The sessions are taken weekly.

4. This programme is for you – the changes you will make are yours – for you. If you are making changes for someone else's benefit, it won't work and the changes won’t stick.

5. Journal pages are to be completed and returned every morning. They will be arranged and bound at the end of the programme as a reminder of how far you've come.

6. The cost of this programme is payable in advance.

The cost of the programme will be refunded in the unlikely event you do not make significant changes in your life having completed all the exercises and journalling.

If you have had enough of being angry, are ready to start a calmer future and you can commit to these few obligations, please call me now on 0208 938 4708 or 07957 289555 for an initial, confidential conversation to discuss the Manage Your Anger Coaching Programme.

It’s time to calm your anger and get your life back on track.