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Spiritual Life Coaching - S.O.U.L.L. Healing

Have you ever wondered why you keep making the same choices that lead you down the same path, whether it be financial, romantic or career wise? Have you found it challenging to control your moods, your anger, your anxiety/depression? Or maybe you feel that outside "cravings" (drugs/alcohol/spending/sex) are beginning to take over your life?

In light of recent global events, now, more than ever, we need to step into our individual personal power and not be consumed by lower energies, such as Fear, Anger, Sadness, Hurt, Guilt, Shame or Regret.

You are not alone.

This is why I was inspired to create the S.O.U.L.L. Healing Coaching Programme, which is a Spiritual Odyssey into Understanding Life & Love to help us break free from these lower energies. To be clear, this programme is not religious and is non-denominational. Spiritual is who we are - with the ability to tap into our our intuition and inner knowing - but life has a way of dulling our own shine.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

This unique programme is designed to help you reconnect with your Higher Self, your inner guidance and your intuition. Yes, you will be revisiting past events, but not to stay there, analyse them, or rehash them, thereby bringing them back again into your present. You will be lovingly cutting the cords that have subconsciously kept you tied to your past.  And, with a new purpose, creating new options and pathways for you to move forward positively.

And the best thing is, you will not be doing this by yourself.

S.O.U.L.L. Healing takes you through Healing your Inner Child, understanding your beliefs and making changes to those beliefs that no longer support the life you want to create, cutting negative cords through Forgiveness, strengthening your inner guidance system through Chakra work, self control and mastery through Mindfulness and finally, you get the chance to put together a plan and goals for your future.   

This unique online programme is tailored to you as an individual.  Hence, there is a limit on the amount of people I can work with at any given time.   On signing up for this programme, you will receive a welcome pack, which includes you providing a detailed life history.  There is also a little quiz.  This is to help me to create the Affirmations I will be sending you daily via text.  In addition, you have full text/email access to me between our scheduled sessions, so if something happens to throw you off course, let me know immediately. I am here to support you through this S.O.U.L.L. Healing - not as some distant "guru", but as a real life accountability partner and Angel on your shoulder! 

Any "homework" and/or meditations will be uploaded onto Member Vault, however, I will send you a personal email with them included after each session, as well as  session notes.  Please be aware that the timing of the 1st session is 75 minutes, whilst the other sessions will be 90 minutes long.  This gives us time to do a quick recap on positive changes seen throughout the week.  You are required to keep a journal.

The cost of this programme is normally £695.  Sign up before the end of September 2021 and receive a £200 discount.  Until 30 September, S.O.U.L.L. Healing is on sale at £495, payable in one instalment or 2 instalments of £247.50

At the end of this programme, you will have an opportunity to schedule a future "catch-up" session, if you wish to.   This course comes with a commitment guarantee from me to support you throughout this programme and beyond, if required.

When you are ready to take the first step in please complete the form below, indicating when it would be a good time for us to have a quick chat.

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